Health Safety Hazards

A radiologist’s principal responsibility is to protect the integrity of your DNA. Our bodies continually regenerate at the cellular level. Every cell in your skin is replaced every 4 weeks. Every cell in your organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) is replaced in 6-8 weeks. Your bones take a little over a year to replace all their cells.

Your DNA carries the “instruction set” that regulates cellular regeneration, which is why its integrity is the radiologist’s principal responsibility.

The full body scanners currently deployed use two different types of radiation to image your naked body. One system uses soft x-rays, an ionizing form of radiation. The other (planned for Austin) uses millimeter-wave radiation. As shown below, millimeter-wave radiation, while non-ionizing, could be potentially more hazardous than its ionizing counterpart.

Everyone who has ever had an x-ray will remember the x-ray technician always runs out of the room and hides behind a lead (Pb) shielding wall before turning on the x-rays. Before doing so, he/she places a lead apron over your reproductive organs. As noted above left, the man standing in the full body scanner does not have any shielding to protect his reproductive organs, which sit behind very thin layers of skin. He is being exposed to ionizing radiation that has the potential to harm his ability to reproduce, and could cause his offspring to be mentally or physically impaired if he does.

Sadly, behind him you can see a loyal TSA officer, committed to the mission, who is not standing behind a lead shield and is receiving cumulative dosages that place his health at greater risk.

An ionizing x-ray that is absorbed within a cell will tear the strands of your DNA, either through direct interaction with the DNA molecule, or indirectly by interacting with another molecule within the cell—most likely a water molecule. The ionized molecule forms a free radical that chemically snips the DNA strand.


If only one DNA strand is torn within the cell, the healthy strand can repair the damaged one before the cell is regenerated. However, if the x-ray exposure is so highly concentrated that two absorbed x-rays tear both DNA strands, then the damage to the cell will be permanent and mutagenic disease will result. This disease includes cancers and autoimmune disorders.

Medical imaging only uses Hard x-rays. Even though the medical imaging system generates Soft x-rays simultaneously with the Hard x-rays, the patient and the technician are ALWAYS shielded from the Soft x-rays—for good reason!!

Most Hard x-rays pass through the body and are not absorbed. They will darken the film placed behind the patient. The fraction that is absorbed by the body will leave the x-ray film transparent (white) in those places where they are absent in the imaging field.

Because the “whole body” is exposed to the x-rays, the exposure is distributed over your entire body mass. For instance, if you are exposed to 1 million x-rays and 30% of them are absorbed at the cellular level, that exposure (300,000 x-rays) is distributed over the billions of cells in your body. Thus, roughly 1 cell in 10,000 or less will be damaged. This low damage rate minimizes the probability that a single cell has absorbed two x-rays and is permanently damaged.

However, Soft x-rays are mostly absorbed by your skin and the organ tissue immediately beneath it, such as, the male testes. A fraction of the Soft x-rays are reflected or backscattered. The backscattered fraction is used to form the image. In this instance, the physics of the exposure radically changes. If you are exposed by 1 million Soft x-rays and 30% of them are reflected, 700,000 will be absorbed in the millions of cells on the surface of your body, meaning as many 1 cell in 100 or more will be damaged by the exposure.

This higher damage rate creates a statistical certainty that a single cell in a measurable percentage of the traveling public will absorb two (2) x-rays and no longer be able to repair itself. Since the permanent damage is concentrated in the part of the body that regenerates the fastest, this damage will quickly reproduce.

TSA maintains these devices only expose the traveling public to “safe levels” of ionizing radiation (0.002 mrem), yet it has classified the technical specifications of its machines. This prevents independent health authorities to confirm their representations.

A single cross-country flight exposes the average passenger to a 4 mrem exposure. The relative risk of dying from cancer increases 3% for every 1000 mrem of exposure. If we accept TSA’s exposure representations as truthful, then they will have had to develop sensors that are 5,000-10,000 times more sensitive than those currently available to resolve a clear image from their backscattered Soft x-rays.

It therefore seems more likely, that the exposure “data” provided by TSA to the public uses the physics Hard x-rays to calculate the radiation hazard caused by its Soft x-rays.

When re-calibrating TSA’s limited public representations using accepted radiological protocols, it has been estimated that these devices could create 225,000 new cases of skin cancer within the traveling American public, leading to 1,700 fatalities per year. That is a higher death rate than is caused by the terrorist threats TSA claims to protect us from.

The fact that TSA has never apprehended a single terrorist—remember, civilian passengers apprehended the “underwear” and “shoe” bombers after TSA allowed them to board the planes, is another annoying fact that should give you cause for concern and motivate heightened scrutiny of this public agency!

The health hazards associated with the millimeter-wave devices are potentially more severe. TSA claims that these scanners use non-ionizing radio frequency (RF) to image your naked body. However, it is well-known that a subset of these machines also use TeraHertz frequency waves to complete the scan. Terahertz frequencies have been shown in some instances to cause strong genetic damage. This damage is not a simple tear in one or both strands of your DNA, but the obliteration of whole fragments of your DNA.

The Center for Non-Linear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory has reported that the strong genetic damage is most likely caused by the activation of resonant biomolecular process at LOW intensity exposures to TeraHertz frequency radiation (click here for more).

Everything in the Universe vibrates. Everything that vibrates has a natural frequency. When things are vibrationally stimulated at their natural frequency, (the condition defined as “resonance”), they can blow apart.

A singer with perfect pitch can shatter a wine glass when holding a note that matches its natural frequency, causing it to resonate.


A steel and concrete bridge can blow to pieces when rocked by gentle wind gusts that ebb and flow at its natural frequency. Notice that this resonant process annihilates the bridge, even when those wind gusts are not even strong enough to blow a hat off of your head.



Mild exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation at frequencies which activate resonant biomolecular processes that obliterate whole fragments of your DNA have the potential to disrupt gene expression and DNA replication, which will adversely impact human health.

In short,

  • TSA’s backscatter imaging systems have been introduced without clinical safety trials
  • Their technical specifications remain “classified”
  • This violates historic EPA and OSHA policies
  • The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has expressed skepticism they work as advertised.
  • The U.S. State Department has admitted in Congressional Testimony that it facilitated Abdulmutallab’s (the underwear bomber) entry into the country, by-passing security overseas, despite having prior knowledge of the “threat.”
  • Michael Chertoff (former Secretary of Homeland Security) and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), (Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Management), have financially profited from the sale of these dangerous devices.
  • The radiation hazards are REAL and pose a threat to public health
  • Notable authorities legitimately dispute DHS “safety claims.”
  • Isaac Yeffet, former head of security for El Al Airlines, opposes the body scanners, emphasizing their limited value to airline security.
  • Airline pilots and TSA employees oppose these scanners.

Stop these dangerous, ineffective, and de-humanizing devices from being introduced into our fine community and help spread the word to other communities across our once great nation.

Your efforts in stopping this fraud will return our nation to the one we all remember growing up in. Click here to voice your concerns to relevant officials.