Community Concerns

The concerns for our community are four-fold:

  • Privacy and Dignity
  • Constitutional Authority
  • The Scanners DO NOT Work
  • Government Corruption


TSA publicly discloses fuzzy images that mislead you. These devices precisely scan your naked body.

Do you feel it is necessary for the government to view and collect images of you, your children, your spouse or your relatives with this level of detail (see image above right)?

Any other objects detected by these instruments can be registered using conventional metal detectors, or a perceptive law enforcement officer. A bomb sniffing dog has a far better chance of detecting explosives on your person.

Is this level of invasive intrusion upon your person necessary when TSA has not demonstrated the ability to apprehend a single “terrorist”? Both Richard Reid (the “shoe bomber”) and Abdul Mutallab (the “underwear bomber”) were allowed to board their flights despite fitting the characteristic profile of a terrorist. Both purchased one-way tickets with cash and were traveling overseas without any checked luggage, yet still managed to “slip past” TSA “screens”.

Both bombing suspects were apprehended by vigilant passengers. Both suspects were carrying inoperable explosive devices that did not constitute a threat to those passengers. Is a false sense of “security” worth disrespecting our religious or cultural modesty? Is it really necessary to dehumanize individuals with medical devices or prosthetics in this manner?

If you refuse the scanners, the alternative you are provided is an “enhanced pat-down”.

Your local police cannot subject apprehended suspects to these types of searches because it VIOLATES THE LAW. Purchasing an airline ticket does not constitute a crime, nor suspicion of a crime.


“Those who would give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY to purchase a little TEMPORARY SAFETY, deserve neither liberty nor safety, and will lose both.

─Benjamin Franklin

The federal government has made it harder for law abiding Americans to travel domestically within our borders than for illegal immigrants and “terrorists” to penetrate them, yet its only constitutional mandate is to protect those borders.

Why is the Department of Homeland Security cutting funding for border enforcement while indebting the U.S. to tens of billions of dollars to impede your right to travel freely?


And about that “TEMPORARY SAFETY” . . . ? Several experts and nations have concluded these scanners DO NOT WORK!

The BBC reports that UK Conservative Member of Parliament Ben Wallace, who used to work at defense firm QinetiQ, says the scanners probably would not have detected the failed Detroit plane plot.

Germany has banned the use of naked body scanners outright in their airports.

Italy dropped the use body scanners at their airports because they are ineffective.

Rafi Sela, former Chief Security Officer for the Israeli Airport Authority has testified that these devices ”are useless” and that he “can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a 747”.

Congressman John Mica (R-FL) considers TSA, a 67,000-employee agency, to be unwieldy and inefficient. He has urged airports to “opt out” of TSA screening, and has called TSA’s anti-terror measures a giant “Kabuki Dance” that is little more than security theater.

Worse than that, . . . can TSA REALLY protect you?

The TSA has a dismal record of finding explosives, guns, and the like from domestic baggage they check on a daily basis, yet they do not even screen 50% of all international air cargo!

Chris Liu, a veteran airline pilot who lives in Sacramento, CA, exposed TSA security to be a “farce” with alarming inadequacies in security. Minimum wage baggage handlers undergo “no security screening” and can enter secure areas of an airport terminal merely by swiping a pass card, while the government scans the naked bodies of those individuals in control of the aircraft and the passengers they serve.


Despite this lack in effective security provisions, tens of millions of Americans travel safely every year without incident. To date, TSA has not apprehended a single terrorist, but the agency has been successfully sued for exposing a woman’s breasts in public, and for harassing political opponents, among numerous other complaints.

One should rightly ask: Is the cost of this police state really necessary? And, for what purpose does this police state exist?

Think about it! A standard body scanner costs the taxpayer $200,000, whereas as bomb-sniffing dog, proven to be more effective when detecting explosives, only costs $8,000.

Government contracts to body scanner manufacturers include: $173 million to Rapiscan, a client of Michael Chertoff, (the former Secretary of Homeland Security and vocal proponent of naked body scanners), and $165 million to L-3 Communications, a client of Linda Hall Daschle, (the wife of Tom Daschle, the former Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate).

Whether for political effect, public conditioning, or more nefarious purposes, one thing remains clear, governmental officials have financially benefited from this Kabuki dance at taxpayers’ expense.

Speak up now to stop the fraud and restore our freedoms before it is too late! Click here to voice your concerns to relevant officials.