Central Texas Posse

The Central Texas Posse is organizing active duty, reserve, and retired military, peace officers, firemen, and other civic leaders to petition the ABIA TSA director Mike Scott to defend our community and stand down the cancer-causing naked body scanners and abusive pat-downs.

If you are interested in honoring your oath to the U.S. Constitution and preserving the American way of life for generations to come, please sign this petition today!

Stand-down Austin TSA!

We, the undersigned active duty, reserve and retired military officers and enlisted personnel, firefighters, peace officers, and civic leaders call upon ABIA TSA director Mike Scott to protect our community and stand down the AIT scanners and abusive pat-downs.

Not only has the Government Accountability Office reported an extensive failure rate for the AIT machines, American citizens have had to sue the federal government to ascertain that the DHS has known for many years that it has created cancer clusters among the TSA employees who work in close proximity to the systems, as had been predicted by professionals knowledgeable in radiation physics.

These devices do not constitute effective security measures.

Act honorably, do the right thing and take a stand against this willful miscarriage of the American way of life. An overwhelming majority of Americans will support you.


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Please note: We intend to create an email list for those who sign the petition in order to facilitate further action. Of course, we respect your privacy and will NEVER sell your information to anyone, period!

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