WhiteHouse.Gov Petition to Abolish the TSA

by Concerned Citizen reports: Rep. David Simpson gained some attention with Texas House Bill 41 which would outlaw federal agents touching a traveler’s private parts before boarding an airliner. Now a petition on aims to abolish the TSA altogether. The White House recently launched We the People. (Ok, “We the People” was actually the Founders’ idea, but the White House is borrowing the name for a

Felony charges dropped in TSA retaliation case

by Edmund Burke

The Associated Press is now reporting that the Maricopa County District Attorney has dropped felony sexual assault charges against Yukari Miyamae, Longmont, CO. Ms. Miyamae was charged as an alleged felon for retaliating against an unidentified TSA agent following an “enhanced pat-down” after she refused to go through the cancer-causing naked body scanners at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. Ms. Miyamae admitted to grabbing the TSA agent’s left breast and twisting

Police State Charges Woman for Groping TSA Agent

by Edmund Burke

The Associated Press reports that Yukari Mihamae, a 61 year-old self-employed woman from Longmont, Colorado, has been arrested and charged with felony sexual assault for having allegedly “groped” a female TSA agent at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport on July 14th. Ms. Mihamae has admitted to having grabbed the left breast of an unidentified TSA agent and twisted it in retaliation to the way the TSA treated her after

Mother arrested for not wanting her daughter sexually assaulted by the TSA

by Concerned Citizen

I’m just going to let Kathryn Muratore at the LRC blog spell this one out for us… The details on this story are very sparse, and the phrasing of the reports are very upsetting. A woman, Andrea Abbott, was traveling with her teenage daughter (exact age unknown) from Nashville to Baltimore. When it came time to go through the naked scanner, she refused for both

Republican “Leadership” Derails “Restrain-the-TSA” Legislation in House

by Edmund Burke

Despite overwhelming support, ”restrain-the-TSA” anti-groping legislation (HB 41/SB 29) died this morning by parliamentary procedure when it failed to get sufficient votes to suspend the Texas Constitution to allow 2nd and 3rd readings of the bill in the House on the same day. The Senate version SB 29, considered the stronger bill by its original author State Representative David Simpson (HD-7), was inserted in lieu of the House

“Restrain-the-TSA” Legislation is One Step Closer

by Edmund Burke

This evening, Texas Senate Bill 29 (SB 29), which proposes state prosecution and punishment for the offense of official oppression by the intrusive touching–(a euphemism for TSA groping)–of persons seeking access to public buildings and transportation and defines criminal penalties for such offenses, was moved out of the House Criminal Jurisprudence committee without amendment by a vote of 7 ayes, 1 nay, 1 not present, with no abstentions.

FOIA Documents Expose DHS Falsely Claimed TSA Scanners as Safe

by Edmund Burke

Documents secured under a Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) request filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (“EPIC“) have unmasked Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s claims that the TSA scanners were determined to be safe by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) as being premeditatively false. The released documents further confirm government acknowledgement of “cancer clusters” among TSA employees working in close proximity to the naked

Senator Patrick Shepherds Stronger anti-TSA bill through Texas Senate

by Edmund Burke

This evening, the Texas Senate passed SB 29, its version of the anti-TSA groping bill passed unanimously earlier in the afternoon by the Texas House as HB 41, although weakened by several last minute amendments ordered by the House Speaker. The state’s website has not yet reported the recorded Senate vote, but has indicated that SB 29 passed through the Senate and is headed to the House.

Anti-TSA bill unanimously passes Texas House

by Edmund Burke

Just after 4 PM CDT today, Texas made history by taking a small step in resisting the thuggery of the Transportation Security Administration, by unanimously passing a bill that made official repression by the inappropriate touching of those traveling through Texas airports or accessing government buildings a class-A misdemeanor. Activity was “suspended” in the House just as HB 41 was set to be brought to

Does the TSA have no shame?

by Concerned Citizen

This past Friday, Speaker Joe Strauss of Texas called the anti-groping TSA legislation a “publicity stunt”, even though it has passed unanimously through every committee that has heard it, even though it was passed unanimously in the Texas house during the main session of 2011, even though there is overwhelming public support for the bill, and even though it has been recommended by the governor