Yesterday, Thursday, May 5th, the Texas House Transportation Committee referred CSHB 1938 out of committee with a UNANIMOUS recommendation for passage on the House floor.  This bill proposes to ban the use of “naked” body scanners in all Texas airports without probable cause and the expressed informed consent of the traveling public.  The Transportation Safety Agency (TSA) did not even testify before the House Transporation Committee in defense of their systems, despite having had multiple opportunities to do so.  In fact, committee testimony exclusively favored the proposed legislation.

HB 1937, which proposes to make it a felony for TSA agents to grope the traveling public without probable cause, had 87 authors/co-authors as of yesterday.  This essentially ensures passage of the bill and the strong likelihood that it will reach the House floor before the end of the current legislative session on June 30th.

CSHB 1938 currently has 55 authors/co-authors.  76 co-authors, (50% + 1), are needed to prevent this bill from being perpetually “tagged” (bottled up) in the Calendars Committee.  Your continued expression of popular support through our WRITE THE TEXAS LEGISLATURE tool will help build the legislative support needed to ensure its timely passage before the end of the biennial legislative session. thanks all of those who have used this website to express their support for this legislation and to become more informed on the salient facts regarding the scanners and TSA’s abhorent policies.

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