ACTION ALERT: Come and Take It!

Besieged by public outrage, the principals that conspired to torpedo Texas’ “Restrain-the-TSA” legislation (HB 1937) are now pointing fingers at one another.

HB 1937 proposed to make it a felony for low-wage, untrained TSA bureaucrats to grope your person without probably cause.   The bill received a unanimous recommendation in all House and Senate committees, was passed by a unanimous vote in the Texas House, and had oral commitments of support from all senators immediately prior to its scheduled vote. 

When presented for final debate in the Senate, State Sen. Dan Patrick was forced to pull the bill he sponsored when 12 Senators withdrew their support due to threats leveled by the Department of Justice.   The federal government’s deliberate interference in the deliberative process of a state government triggers a constitutional crisis.

An Austin American Statesman news story late last night reported that State Senator Kirk Watson organized the revolt at the behest of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

This morning, Senator Watson’s office is stating that the senator was only following “orders” from the Lt. Governor, while David Dewhurst’s office claims the “turn-around” was led by Watson and that the Lt. Governor had nothing to do with the Senators’ last minute decision-making. 

The Lt. Governor’s statement is contradicted by Senator Patrick, as reported by an overnight report the Dallas Morning News, and David Dewhurst is not using his bully pulpit to rally support for the bill.

Both the Lt. Governor’s and Senator Kirk Watson’s office are experiencing heavy call volumes.  Hold them both accountable by calling:

     Senator Kirk Watson @ (512) 463-0114

     Lt. Governor David Dewhurst @ (512) 463-0001.

Use our web tool to email the Texas Senate to remind them this is a Come and Take It moment!

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