Opt Out, Austin!

The scanners are NOT EFFECTIVE at stopping terrorism

  • They do not detect explosive material
  • Security experts and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) say that a scanner would not have found, or stopped, the “underwear bomber” or the “shoe bomber”; meanwhile, most checked luggage goes unscreened
  • A top Israeli security expert has said that he could get enough explosives through a body scanner to “take down a 747”; Israel’s airports do not use body scanners because they are ineffective

The scanners pose a RISK to PUBLIC HEALTH

  • No amount of ionizing radiation is safe, and these kinds of “soft x-rays” are particularly dangerous
  • Other types of scanners use “millimeter wave” technology.  Los Alamos National Laboratory reports this non-ionizing radiation has the potential to unzip DNA.
  • Multiple scientific studies establish probable risk for mutagenic disease (cancer/autoimmune disorders) from backscatter radiation that can be passed on to offspring.
  • The risk is especially great for children, pregnant women, the elderly, AIDS patients… the very people who are least likely to be terrorists


  • The Fourth Amendment protects us against unreasonable searches
  • By any legal definition, a strip search (virtual or real) without suspicion of a crime is un-Constitutional and is worse than helicopter hog hunting
  • The scanners create, store, and transmit naked photos of children, which can be considered child pornography
  • The enhanced pat-down procedure, also a gross violation of our rights, could be prosecuted as sexual assault if conducted by a private citizen. TSA agents are not deputized and they have not taken an oath to the Constitution.  The enhanced pat-down comes with the body scanners, as the TSA has publicly admitted to using the pat-down to coerce/humiliate “opt-outs” into choosing the scanner instead.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport — and all airports in Texas — should stay free of these blatant violations of our liberty, dignity, and safety.

Please take a few minutes to write the Austin city council, and help keep Austin FREE!